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Featured Dealer - Power Stroke Enginuities

About PSE Houston:

Dorian and Isabel officially opened the PSE doors in 2011 in North West Houston. They specialize in Ford Power Stroke engines, maintenance, repairs and performance. They also offer performance modifications; as in aftermarket turbos and exhaust, programmers. PSE only uses genuine Motor Craft parts.

REPAIR: Their experience and knowledge of the power stroke engine allows PSE to keep the cost of repairs to a minimum. They use the latest up to date software to carefully diagnose your vehicle. From a simple thermostat replacement to a complete engine rebuild, PSE can get your Power Stroke back on the road.

MAINTENANCE: You don't want to fall behind or neglect your engine maintenance. At PSE they take care of all your maintenance needs. from oil changes, fuel filters, trans flushes, coolant flushes and differential services. Maintenance neglect are the leading cause to premature engine failure. Come by PSE and they will set you up with a maintenance schedule.

DIESEL PERFORMANCE: Their experience started on stock Power Stroke engines, but we can also help you get that extra power out of your Power Stroke. Custom tunes, programmers, exhaust kits, air intakes, egr cooler upgrades, after market injectors, turbos, and gear drivetrain upgrades just to name a few.

About Dorian:

Dorian served in the U.S. Marines Corps for 5 years as a Marksmanship Instructor and he also worked in Microwave Communications. He would teach marines shooting techniques and basic fundamentals of firing and handling of weapons. In Communications he handled radio and microwave communications to different units from the front lines to the base command post. As a Marine he served in Iraq and various other operations overseas. Dorian spends a good amount his time giving back to those who have and continue to serve our great country. He always encourages those who served to contact him to catch up about their trucks, or just talk about life.

New Headquarters:


1825 Aldine Mail Rte Rd.

Houston, TX 77093

Hours of Operation:

M-F 8:30am-6:00pm

Sat 8am-12pm (by appointment only)

Phone: (832) 688-8702


Dorian, Isabel, and the entire Team at PSE, R&R Brand Management appreciates all that you do for the brands that we represent: ATS Diesel, Nitro Gear & Axle, Dynomite Diesel Products, No Limit Fabrication & PPEI.

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